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At IBGrid we have mastered the art of business valuation- we see it from investors' lens and see both tangible and intangible value drivers when crafting a valuation estimate.

Business Valuation Services
Top 5 key considerations for business valuation

Business Valuation

At the centre of business valuation is the ability to understand how a company fosters ideas and distributes its invested capital, in order to drive returns and create value. This process is unique to each business and in turn determines the business valuation.

When do you need
a valuation report?

Sell Your Business

Mr V Sanghvi wanted to sell his established business and we helped him with a valuation report to realise the fair-market value of his business

Track Business KPIs

Mr Girish T wanted to know how much is his business worth and we helped him with a yearly update to track his business KPIs and to meet strategic business objectives.

Raise Funds

Ms Neeja wanted to raise funds for her startup and we helped her with accurate business valuation report which helped in the negotiation with investors.

ESOPs, Share Buy-back, Liquidation, etc...

Mr Sarthak D wanted to have business valuation report to launch the ESOPs in his company and we helped him with report certified by a merchant banker.

How do we do
Business Valuation at IBGrid?

After successful purchase of a Valuation plan, you would be looking at the following timeline:
  • Business Valuation Process Step 1 - Perusal of Documents
    Perusal of documents
    Our team will send you the list of documents and information we require. Valuation team will verify the submitted document and request for further information if needed.
  • Business Valuation Process Step 2 - Meeting with Valuation Team
    Meeting with the valuation team
    The valuation team will hold a meeting to understand your business better to aid in their process.
  • Business Valuation Process Step 3 - Draft Report of Valuation
    in 2 Weeks
    Valuation team shares the draft report
    The valuation team will share the draft of the report
  • Business Valuation Process Step 4 - Review with Valuation Team
    First week of Jul
    Review with the valuation team
    Valuation team will answer any queries you may have on the draft report and / or any edits as required.
  • Business Valuation Process Step 5 - Final Report Delivery
    Second week of Jul
    Final report delivery
    You will receive a professional valuation report for your business in print-friendly version in 21 days.

Why Choose

Expert Team

At IBGrid, we have a team of highly qualified professionals with decades of experience in valuing businesses.

Fair Market Value

At IBGRID, we see it from investors' lenses to arrive to a fair market value of your business.

Understanding of Private Companies

We help 100+ Startups & SMEs each year with reliable valuation estimates. We get them like no one else.


Neerja & I approached for business valuation of Inner Sense. They carefully considered our journey, market trends, competitive analysis and future plans, and gave us a very realistic valuation range. When we generated funding interest from investors, it allowed us to negotiate in a timely manner. We recommend this to all the startups and SMEs.

CEO, Inner Sense


Meet the
Team Leads

Mayank Patel - CFA, MBA - Business Valuation Specialist Prof. Mayank Patel
PhD, CFA, B.E. (Electrical), M.B.A.(Finance), PGD in Treasury & Foreign Exchange Management.

He brings 21+ years of professional experience including working as the CEO at Startup Incubation Center. He has rich academic experiences as well as industrial experiences. IIPHG, EDI, HDFC, ICICI, Shanti Business School, ICFAI Business School. He speaks regularly as a speaker on topics of business growth via financing and more. He also mentors a number of startups, especially for their capital requirements, cash flow design, and more.
Haripriya Bhagat - ACCA, MSc Intnl Finance - Co-Founder and Valuation Team Lead Haripriya Bhagat
ACCA, MSc International Finance, Masters of Commerce

She brings over 18 years of experiences in Finance & Technology. She is a co-founder at IndiaBiz and has diverse industry exposures in companies like Nestor Healthcare UK, Halcrow Group UK, SUEZ UK, BillDesk India. She is a speaker at number of startup events as well as contributes as a Jury at many startup competitions.

Business Valuation Calculator

Discover your company's potential value using our online estimation tool. This tool offers a rule-of-thumb estimate based on industry averages and basic financial inputs for a general assessment.

Your Industry *


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Valuation metrics based on P/E, P/S, EV/EBIT, EV/EBITDA multiples
To discuss your specific business valuation needs we offer tailored assistance. Click to Get Detailed Valuation
Disclaimer: The tool provides an informative estimate of business value based on industry data available for listed businesses. It cannot substitute the need to estimate business valuation in detail. For detailed insights, seek guidance from a certified financial advisor or valuation expert. Users bear responsibility for decisions made based on the valuation estimates presented here.

Pricing Plans

Includes business profile, valuation highlights, business summary and the present market outlook.
Financial snapshot, assumptions, valuation methods & analysis.
Suitable for succession planning, track business KPIs, yearly reviews etc.
Includes Essential Report PLUS market research, comparison with competitors, growth projections, SWOT analysis, and more
Financial ratio analysis, growth projections, fund utilisation.
Suitable for fund-raising, M&A, business exit etc.
Did not find what you need?
Feel like your needs are different from what is mentioned?
We can provide valuation reports for other use cases such as ESOPs, share buy-back, liquidation and more.

Business Valuation

Business Valuation FAQs

You may require a professional valuation report when raising funds for business growth or planning a profitable business exit, track your business performance (KPIs), while issuing shares/stock option to employees or other stakeholders (ESOPs), during liquidation and many other reasons.

There are various types of business valuation services such as just an estimate of a fair-market value of a running business; a professional report which can be shared with investors; merchant banker certified report for compliance purpose, etc. Our expert team can help you with the valuation of the company in all such scenarios.

We look at company’s performances in the past, present and assumptions of future growth. We also look at competition, macro-economic factors that can affect the business in short to medium term. Business liabilities, assets tangible and non-tangible are also taken into consideration. The idea is to understand the story behind the financials and calculate the company valuation.

  • Audited financial statementsLast 5 financial years Balance sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Cash flow Statement – with schedules and accounting notes.
  • Auditors report for the last 5 financial years
  • Management discussion and analysis for last 5 years (if available)
  • Unaudited quarterly financial statements up to the month of valuation Balance Sheet, and Profit & Loss Account. For example, if the valuation exercise is being performed in the month of February, we will need unaudited quarterly financial statement for first (April to June), second (July to September), and third (October to December) quarters.
  • Shareholding pattern/partnership stake (for Private Ltd Company / Partnership / LLP)
  • List of top ten customers with their contribution to sales (in percentage)

Our Business Valuation Calculator gives an estimation that is only indicative and not a substitute for a comprehensive valuation. The valuation calculator is based on Price / Earnings ratio (P/E), Price/ Sales ratio (P/S), EV/EBIT, EV/EBITDA multiples. To discuss your specific business valuation needs we offer tailored assistance - click here to Get Detailed Valuation

The business valuation report may take up to 21 days from the time you have submitted all the requested documents and information.

  • You choose the right plan for business valuation service
  • You share all the necessary information and documents
  • Our team will evaluate your business information, conduct research on the industry and other comparable companies
  • Our valuation expert, CA and team members will revert to you with queries
  • You will receive your final valuation report within 3 weeks of answering all the queries

In preparing the valuation report, we have relied upon information that has been provided by the client; information otherwise should be verified. In the event of significant variation from the information initially given to us, our valuation may require adjustment. We cannot express an opinion about, or advise upon, the condition of un-inspected / un-verified areas. The Valuation Report should not be taken as making any implied representation or statement about such areas.

Our valuation is provided only for the purpose agreed with the instructing client and will be for sole use of the client. As such, it is confidential to the client and his professional advisors. We accept responsibility to the client alone that the report has been prepared with the skill, care and diligence.Neither the whole nor any part of the Valuation Report may be included in any published document, circular or statement nor published in any way without our written approval of the form and context in which it may appear. We undertake all services only on the basis of these terms which shall apply to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions which the client may seek to impose.

The valuation of a company is derived based on the information provided by the company and gathered by means of inquiry. The computation and analysis intends to provide reasonable grounds for valuing the business as a going concern. The reader is expected to exercise professional judgement when using the report to initiate any business transaction or relationship with the company.

Valuation will determine the expected price that the buy side may potentially pay for the business (sell side). However, the real price will be determined only when the business transaction is closed and based on the value that the buyer has paid for the business.

Valuation figure determined is to provide you with a broad estimate based on many factors. It does not confirm the price your business will be sold at; however, it gives best estimated value of your business.

No. Your business valuation calculation is for your own reference only. The decision is up to you whether you want to share your valuation report to any external party.

Valuation number is generally valid only for the valuation date indicated on the report and for the purpose stated. Ideally, the businesses are recommended to conduct valuation every 6 months.

It is important to consider future prospect of your business from both Sellers as well as Buyer’s perspective. Seller is interested to show the business potential in terms of growth prospects and as a result wants a higher business valuation. Whereas, the Buyer wants to evaluate the risks and opportunities going forward.

Intangible assets like goodwill, brand, trademarks and copyrights, intellectual property, royalty, software rights, etc. plays an important role in valuing a business. These are generally valued at acquisition costs.

If the business has significant amount of off-balance sheet liabilities, such as derivatives transactions, long-term lease agreements, the valuation should reflect the off-balance sheet liabilities.

Yes, the valuation will consider the potential to expand capacity or any such business or operational flexibilities that is offered in a particular business.

A running business shall be valued as a going concern. The valuation in this case will be determined based on its current cash flow, growth of cash flow, value of assets and liabilities and its capital investment. On the other hand, a dormant business generally does not have cash flow or the cash flow does not originate from business operations; example - the rent of a property. In such cases, the valuation of the company shall be determined considering market value of its fixed asset and adjusting that for any liability.

To calculate the valuation of any business, we will require all the necessary documents as listed in the FAQ “What documents are required to submit for valuation”.

The valuation of a company can help you improve the way you manage your business let alone determine the business worth. A business valuation can help you achieve the following:
  • Determine asking price of your company
  • Strengthen your credibility
  • Track the strategic goals of your business
  • Investment /fund raising requirements, and many more

Valuing goodwill or a brand developed in-house (i.e. by incurring marketing expenditure, ensuring quality and meeting consumer expectations and perceptions) is always a challenge.The brand in order to have implications for valuation of a firm/business shall pass through two tests:
  • The brand must result into higher sales for the company compared to its competitors
  • Per unit price of the product that the company realises must be higher than similar products offered by competition.
If an in-house developed brand passes these two tests, a brand will have significant impact in calculating the value of a company