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Become our partner Investment banking is challenging, especially for small & medium sized businesses. Ready for the challenge? Partner with us for better outcomes.
Work on direct mandates Getting mandates is time consuming and requires a lot of resources. With direct mandates in hand, you can now focus on closing deals.
Earn success fees Closing deals can be complex & the success might not feel well rewarded. Get access to our network & close deals. Earn up to ⅔ of success fees as our partner.

I was introduced to the IBGrid by one of my clients a few months ago and over a period of time the team has been very cooperative, professional and helpful. The team is very thorough in their processes and has great insights when it comes to business and people. After initial knowing each other, they shared few opportunities with us and mutually we agreed to work on some of those, now we have two direct sell side mandates via this. I am very positive to close some more deals this year, while working with them.

Ahmedabad based C.A., partnered with the IBGrid

I have recently started interacting with the team & so far my interactions and dealings have been quite professional and pleasant. In this short span, they shared 7 sell side mandates, out of which we have agreed to work on at least three of them. I am looking forward to a long professional journey with the team and closing great number of deals together.

About us

IBGrid is a community driven enabling network of financial professionals facilitating SMEs for business transactions related to Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Venture, Investment, Fund Raising and all allied activities.

IBGrid is an extended network of is an Enabling platform for Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Opportunities and Business Partnerships in India. It boasts of thousands of active opportunities across India with number of successful transactions. With IBGrid, we are evolving to provide end to end support for all business transactions.

Who can join?
(A professional matching any 2 of the below criteria)

Qualified Chartered Accountant

Successfully completed 1+ business transaction (M&A, PE Funding) in last 2 years

Already running an Advisory Service company for 2 years +

Working as a Transaction Advisor for 3 years +

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Join us via Linkedin. Based on your profile match with our requirements, we will send you an invite to join our network as an partner.
  1. Direct Mandates (buy-side / sell-side) to work on.
  2. Network / Platform support with leads and opportunities.
  3. Success fees on deal / transaction closures.
Because, we want to understand you and your profile better and ensure that it meets our requirements before we proceed any further.
As of now we might not be able to help you yet, share your profile on [email protected], so we can evaluate the eligibility accordingly.
Yes, there is. For details on this please contact us on +91 - 7621 022 133.
Based on your prior/ industry experience and geographic location, IBGrid will recommend leads and you will get be able to choose the ones you want to work upon.
Please feel free to share your profile on [email protected], so we can evaluate your eligibility accordingly.
Once you have successfully signed up via Linkedin and if it matches our criteria, a team member will contact you with the list of details we would require.